The R-09-150 CCWM Series of Counterclockwise, Forward Shaft Extension Rotary Solenoids from Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS), available in OEM quantities, features 18 different winding configurations allowing the user to match torque and duty cycle requirements to an application. These compact 38.1 mm (1.50 in.) diameter solenoids are just 22.098 (22.1) mm (0.87 in.) long and have two M4X0.7 threaded studs (8-32 studs optional) 7.366 (7.4) mm (0.29 in.) long on a 22.225 (22.2) mm (0.875 in.) bolt circle.  The shaft has 40 degrees of counterclockwise rotation, extending (13.0) mm (0.51 in.).   The shaft end is serrated for a better grip of the attached load.

The R-09-150 CCWM Series of Rotary Solenoids can be specified with a choice of AWG winding of 21 to 37 gauge.  Specifying a different AWG for the windings allows the user to control the performance of a solenoid with respect to duty cycle, current supplied, and torque by controlling the ampere turns.  As an example: Starting torque of a solenoid at 9 w, at 100% duty cycle, is 3.0 oz-in. (0.021 Nm) and starting torque of a solenoid at 90 w, 10% duty cycle is 21 oz-in. (0.15 Nm).  When voltage is removed, a built-in return spring returns the shaft to the home position.  

The shaft is supported by two high precision radial ball bearings with no axial movement.

The R-09-150 CCWM Series of Rotary Solenoids feature long life, clean and quiet operation are ideal for: Office machines, security mechanisms (interlocks), medical devices, assembly, sorting, clamping, packaging, shutter actuation, vending, and games.  



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